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  • Does the policy provide coverage anywhere I teach?

    The policy is not limited to the address on your certificate. It provides coverage anywhere you teach within the United States.
  • Whom do we consider to be additional insureds?

    Additional insureds are individuals and organizations such as landlords, clubs, studios and facilities where you teach and that require you to name them on your policy.
  • Why is there a charge to name someone as an additional insured?

    An additional insured receives the benefit of being defended and indemnified in the event they are sued due to your negligence on their premises.
  • Who are part-time instructors?

    Part- time instructors are required to carry their own policies.
  • Is there a maximum number of additional insureds that can be added to my policy?

    For additional insureds there is no maximum.
  • Can I delete or substitute an additional insured during the policy term and receive a refund?

    Refunds vary by coverage and the state your business is located.
  • Which insurance company provides the coverage?

    Coverage is provided by "A+" rated admitted carriers.
  • Do we have to be a member of an organization such as ACE, IDEA, AFAA, or ACSM to be eligible to purchase insurance?

    No membership or certification in any organization is required.
  • How long have you been in business providing coverage for sports and fitness professionals?

    We have been providing coverage for the sports and fitness professionals for over fifteen years.
  • What do I receive as evidence of insurance?

    Upon payment approval you will be authorized to receive a complete policy as proof of your insurance coverage.